Join us for Tennis and Squash

All the info can be found here, memberships, benefits, rates etc...

These are our full memberships for adults, which give you all the benefits with no limitations. If this is what you need, click the join now button and get signed up!


£ 25 /month
  • Unlimited Play
  •  Free Floodlighting
  • Free Tennis Balls
  • Wimbledon Ballot
  • Professional Coaching


£ 13 /month
  • Club Leagues
  • Heated Courts
  • Online Match Management
  • Thriving Social Scene
  • Professional Coaching

We offer other membership categories as well, have a look below, see what suits and hit the button to join us now...

Other Tennis Memberships


  • Play anytime
  • Free tennis balls
  • Free floodlighting
  • No age restriction
  • *Conditions


£13 /month
  • Playing Monday to Friday before 5pm. Or £153 /year. £20 joining fee.


£10 /month
  • 18 or over and in full-time education / 18 - 25 years of age. Or £108 /year. £20 joining fee.


£50 /year
  • 17 or under on 1st April of the current year. £20 joining fee.


£7 /month
  • Parent of Junior member. Parent only has access to play with a junior member. Or £64 /year. £20 joining fee.


£45 /month
  • Unrestricted access to all club facilities and social events. Includes Cohabiting couples. Or £525 /year. £35 joining fee.


£52 /month
  • Adult(s) and their children who are under 18 or full time students from the same family. Or £613 /year. £40 joining fee.


£10 /month
  • Home to club postcodes are more than 20 miles apart. Or £111 /year. £20 joining fee.

Other Squash Memberships
Combined Memberships