Chairmans Cup


A inter-club tournament where players of mixed ability get grouped into teams and go head to head

What and when is the Chairmans Cup?

Our Committee host a variety of events throughout the year for our members one of which is the Chairmans Cup.

The tournament is usually run in between September and March with teams playing roughly once a month on a Friday evening.

All of our members regardless of ability are welcome to enter. The committee splits out all the #1 seeds into all the various teams, and then repeats the process for #2 seeds and so forth until all the players have been allocated a team. Teams then play each other in a round robin taking it in turns to be the 'home' team, who provide a dinner and desert for the 'away' team.

All players stay after for dinner and a few drinks and celebrate the fun activities that took place on the court.


How do I enter?

Entry is through ManageMyMatch for our members.

Member contribute £5 per match which covers the cost of the home team to provide dinner and desert.

Emails will be sent in advance of the event to members on our mailing list.


For more information on our events please feel free to contact us or register with the club below.

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