Internal Leagues

One of the most active leagues in the county with 160 members playing over 600 games each month
Entry is free with all memberships

  • Digital Leagues

    All of our leagues are generated using our membership software MMM, which enables members easy access to contact others to arrange games and enter results all from the comfort of your phone.

  • Open to all abilities

    Our leagues are inclusive to all members regardless of ability / experience. We have leagues that will be competitive for our team players as well as for new starters to the game.

  • Prizes

    We reward the player in each of our leagues who has the best performance in their box with a bottle of wine (or some squash balls for our juniors).

  • Fully integrated with Squashlevels

    The leagues at Aylesbury automatically send your results to Squashlevels (a global ranking system) which allows you to track your match history and review your performance over time.

Aylesbury Squash Leagues

Squash Leagues (Mixed)

Over 120 ladies and men play in our mixed leagues offering a friendly and competitive game for players of all ability. We cater for our team level players in our upper leagues to new starters in our lower leagues. League activity is very high with new boxes out every month each consisting of 5 or 6 people. It's our most popular way of getting members to meet other members of similar ability.

Aylesbury Ladies Leagues

Squash Ladies Leagues

Over 20 ladies each month participate in our ladies only leagues, with several playing in both ladies and mixed leagues. A great opportunity to meet and play with other ladies at the club.

Aylesbury Racketball Leagues

Racketball Leagues

We've nearly 40 players in our Racketball leagues ranging from our team players down to squash players trying Racketball for the first time to complete new starters. There are several boxes of varying ability to ensure competitive games relative to experience.

For more information on our leagues please feel free to contact us or review our memberships online.