Pink Dot


A handicapped bi-annual tournament played with a pink dot ball encouraging squash & racketball players to unite

What and when are the Pink Dot Tournaments?

Our Committee host a variety of events throughout the year for our members one of which is our bi-annual handicapped pink dot tournament.

Tournaments are usually run in August (pre-squash season) and in December (between Christmas and New Years... great to burn off some excess Cals!)

All of our members regardless of ability are welcome to enter and two groups are normally created based on similar ability. Within those groups members are given a handicap to ensure competitiveness and level the playing field. If that wasn't enough, the matches are played with a pink dot which is extermely bouncy, causing long rallies and lots of fun!

A round robin is played where the player who scores the highest number of points (once their handicap is taken into account) wins.


How do I enter?

Entry is through ManageMyMatch for our members; where a small entry fee is usually required to cover the cost of the balls. Emails will be sent in advance of the event to members on our mailing list.

For more information on our events please feel free to contact us or register with the club below.