Women’s Squash Week


Elaine began playing squash at the club in February 2022 as a complete beginner - here she explains why she took up the sport.

"My son is squash mad. He plays at school, for Bucks Squash and in competitions. So much of my time was spent taking him to all these games and watching them, that it sparked my interest in squash. The more I watched, the more I thought it looked like a real fun game.

It took me a long time to pluck up the courage to start, as at 57, I was no spring chicken and I was worried that I would be a disaster and that I would make an utter fool of myself, especially as I had never played squash before nor any other racket sport for that matter. I needn't have worried.

I gathered the courage to attend a ladies only coaching session, and from the first session, I have loved every single minute of it. There are many people of my level so I do not feel embarrassed and the atmosphere, encouragement and friendliness of not only the ladies section but the whole club is second to none.

I never thought I would be good enough to play in any leagues but I was persuaded to join the ladies only league and I tend to move between league 1 and 2. I was also persuaded to join the mixed league this year to experience playing against men as they play quite differently.

I play between 1-4 times a week now and will be part of the ladies second team this season. However, there is no pressure to do this, it's just me trying to better myself to gain one more point, one more game, one more match."


Caroline took up squash at the club only a year ago...

"I decided I wanted to take up squash in November 2022 so came down to the club for a ladies' session to try it out. I remember Olly saying ‘just feed the ball to your partner’ and I didn’t even know how to hit it, don’t think the ball hit the front wall. By the end of the session I was loving it though, and realised very quickly it’d be a great way to get fit. That’s what made me want to keep coming back!

Netball is my main sport which I play competitively across the country, but also play competition badminton so the transition to squash has included some rather dodgy badminton knockoff shots. The unexpected / unorthodox shots have regularly helped me get out of a tight spot when I’m in desperate need of a point or two!

I play in the mixed leagues and the ladies team too. I love the mixed league - my husband and a friend of ours can’t wait for the first day of the month to find out our next opponents and work out how we think we will get on! I love Club Night too, you can get some great games against very strong players and I love the social element after. Think the introduction of Domino’s pizza after Club Night has had a counter effect on the keeping fit though…

I try to play about twice a week but would never turn down playing more than that. I’m certainly addicted - I love the competitive elements and the fact that every opposition will have a different strength you have to try and counter. I also really love the different ways the club gets you involved, whether that’s the box leagues, teams, watching exhibitions or internal comps too - gives addicts like me the chance to play all the time!"



Saffron has been playing squash at the club since the age of 10 and now coaches our juniors and ladies.

"My dad got me into squash as he had been playing for a few years before. He brought me and my sisters down to the club to play. We always had lots of fun together on court even if it was just messing around hitting the ball.

In 2019 the pandemic hit and we were no longer allowed to play squash but once the restrictions were lifted and we could play squash again, I was very eager to get back on court. I decided that my squash was something I really wanted to focus on and improve. I now play around three times a week. I joined the mixed leagues in July 2022 and have gained so much experience and met many new people at the club. I also play on the Ladies team.

I first got involved with coaching at the club through being a squash leader for junior squash that still takes place every Saturday morning. I quickly realised it was something I really enjoyed doing as I love seeing the juniors getting on court and having fun whilst improving their squash. I find it very rewarding.

I went on to complete my Level 1 coaching course in October 2021 and now frequently coach both junior and ladies squash for the club. I have gained many of my coaching skills from mainly observing other coaches on how they run their sessions and coaching along side them but also watching other players play, looking at their technique and being coached myself.

Through coaching I’ve had the opportunity to go into different schools to run squash sessions which was something that I really enjoyed doing. I’ve also had the chance to meet different coaches from other squash clubs. Coaching has massively built up my confidence and it’s also improved my communication and teamwork skills due to working closely with other coaches.

I believe it’s really important for young people and adults to keep active. I’d recommend squash to everyone as it is such a good way to keep fit whilst having fun and you can meet so many new people. It’s never too late to start a new sport!"


Chloe practically grew up at the club, coming from a family of squash players and now plays around the world...

"I started playing at the club as soon as I could hold a racket with my brothers and started playing as my whole family played.

I'm now at University but as junior I playing in our club leagues, men's 2nd team, and Chairman's Cup (we even had a 'Foster Family' team one year). I also helped start the Ladies coaching sessions and coached the Ladies sessions on Sundays for around two years, and remotely through lockdown. I still get involved with as much as I can when I'm back!

I now play on the @PSAChallengerTour which has allowed me to play tournaments all around the world, including Malaysia, Denmark, Gibraltar and the Netherlands. My aim in the sport to hopefully be selected to play for Wales in Europeans/Worlds.

I continued my involvement with squash at Uni being the current Vice President of the squash committee and part of the first team at the University of Birmingham that last year won the highest national uni competition!

I play 10+ times a week and I really enjoy the mixture of fitness, technique and tactics which I think squash has more of than any other sport as well as the social side of course!"